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Converts your JD in to Video Interview link using The power of AI

Machine Learning capability to generate questions-based on the Job Description posted and generate the video interview link.

This link can be sent via Email, SMS, ATS or embedded in any form of the communication channel or post.

Candidates can click on the link and take the test by uploading personal information and their resume. The recruiter will then have access to the candidate video interview result.


Conduct Candidate Interview with Industry Experts

XperReview helps recruiters screen their candidates by choosing the right experts from the industry and scheduling the live video conversation with the candidates and experts.

The conversation will be recorded and helps the recruiter or organization review the interview and rate the expert.

Access to over thousands of Credentialed questions & Ability to Create your own

Xpertreview provides the recruiter the ability to access thousands of questions from various skills prepared by subject matter experts. Assessment papers are also readily available.

The recruiter can also create their owns questions for the assessment. Questions can be objective, descriptive, and/or programming based.


Test Programming Ability of the Candidate

You can test your candidate on various programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, etc
This can be tested during one-on-one interviews and through the one-way interview

Interview Results for better decision making

Interviews are recorded and recruiters can view the candidate’s responses against each question asked.

Automated rating for objective questions and ability to view the rating on skills extracted from the Job description.

Interview report is comprised of the video recording, automated skill rating, and rating from the expert. This helps make a better hiring decision on the candidate.


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